Namrata Narula


Namrata Narula



Yoga is for me an art, science and philosophy of life. It teaches one how to live in peace with oneself and the world around. It’s a unification of various parts of you within and without. I no longer see the difference between life and yoga. Yoga is life and life is yoga.




I started practicing yoga as a child, my mother was my first teacher of yoga. She teaches yoga to children at a school based on Vedas and yoga in Delhi. Learning yoga as a child means it will never leave you even if you try to go away from it. Although, I went on to study art and design, but yoga found me again and this time there was no looking back. It changed my inner and outer life completely. The practice of yoga has been very beneficial for me. My love for yoga increases with every passing day and I just simply want to share it with people, see them uplift themselves, find their peace and their authentic selves.




I teach a classical and traditional way of yoga. Yoga is a very ancient and deep tradition, as a part of this tradition I try to keep it as close to how it was taught by the rishis/seers in India, yet adapt it for the modern body and mind. In my classes, one can expect a lot of pranayama/breath-work, a slower pace of movement, longer holds in asanas/postures, restorative postures and a whole of lot honest mental enquiry.




"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." -- The Bhagavad Gita